Pharmacy Certification

Pharmacies must be certified in the SABRIL REMS Program in order to dispense SABRIL® (vigabatrin).

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Sabril REMS Program Pharmacy Enrollment, Step by Step

Outpatient pharmacy enrollment has been limited to a select number of specialty pharmacies based on Lundbeck's predefined qualifications.

Open enrollment for inpatient pharmacies is available. To participate in the SABRIL hospital stocking program, please contact Lundbeck at 1-866-337-6996.

Pharmacies that dispense SABRIL must be specially certified. Certification includes the following steps:

1. Enroll

Complete a SABRIL REMS Program Pharmacy Enrollment Form. An e-mail will be sent to confirm your enrollment. Instructions for Login are included in this e-mail.

2. Train

Oversee the necessary staff training and processes to comply with the SABRIL REMS Program requirements.

3. Verify

Prior to each dispensing of SABRIL, verify (via Login) that the prescriber is certified and that the patient is enrolled in the SABRIL REMS Program. Document all enrolled prescriber and patient ID numbers.

  • If the prescriber or patient is not properly enrolled in the program, direct the prescriber to or contact the SABRIL REMS Program at 1-888-457-4273.

4. Dispense

Dispense SABRIL to enrolled patients. For inpatient pharmacies only: ensure that no more than a 15-day temporary supply of SABRIL is dispensed to an enrolled patient upon discharge from the healthcare facility.

For online enrollment, first sign up by creating an account and providing all requested contact information.